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Online Marketing Tips

How fast does your business website load?

You might be surprised, but according to the latest industry data, speed is of greatest importance to internet and search engine users. Bearing this in mind, iPrescott Business Solutions asks:... read more

The importance of a quality website for your business

Many small business owners quickly dismiss websites. Some believe no one will look at it, some are scared of the technology, and others that believe it is not necessary because... read more

Where does your business show up in a Google search?

If you're trying to get found on the internet, where you rank on Google is of utmost importance. Ranking on Google's first page may be the difference between success and... read more

What you need to do after your business website is built

So, your website is created and ready to go. Now what? iPrescott Business Solutions discusses what you need to do after your  business website is up and running. Once your website is... read more

Better website designs for your business

Simply put, in this age of digital marketing, a purposeful website is fundamental to growing your Prescott business. Central to your success is your website design and featured content. They... read more

Should you hire your brother-in-law to build a website for your business?

Starting a business in Prescott is both exciting and potentially lucrative. However, starting a business is also costly, and most small businesses are on a tight budget. There are situations... read more

Online marketing tips for your small business

You might find that knowing where to start or what to do to market your Prescott small business might be a little overwhelming. A strategy that works for one company... read more

How readable is your business website

Everyone wants a good looking website. It is easy to forget though that a website’s primary function is to provide the user with information about your business. Flashing headers, slideshows... read more

How blogs can help your small business website

Customers nowadays are looking online first for solutions to their problems. Let them see your company first when they Google search another “how to....” question. Blogs offering solutions to common... read more

Why you should hire a professional to create a website for your business

There are a number of platforms that enable you to build your own business website. But you don’t want to turn away prospective customers by directing them to a confusing... read more

How to use keywords for your business website

Don't underestimate the value of keywords in successfully driving customers to your Prescott business website. The internet is literally a world-wide marketplace. Whether you sell products, services or information, your... read more

Search engine rankings for your business

You may have heard of the term “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization, but what does it mean for your Prescott business? As a business owner, you want to make your... read more

Website templates vs. custom web design for your business

A website is more than a valuable tool for modern businesses - in today’s world it’s a necessity. iPrescott Business Solutions has years of experience in professional online marketing and... read more

Migrating the website for your Prescott small business

The ever-evolving internet means it's more than likely that successful business owners will face the somewhat daunting challenge of migrating data when it comes time to overhaul their website. Because... read more

Do you own your website for your Prescott business?

iPrescott Business Solutions can design a responsive website for your Prescott business that will set you apart from the competition. A company’s website, the domain and all the content posted... read more

How Google Plus changes might affect your Prescott business

If you have a Google account, you probably received an email from Google letting you know about the shutdown of Google Plus. iPrescott Business Solutions offers some comments on what... read more

A call to action on your Prescott business website

In marketing terms, what is a call to action? iPrescott Business Solutions clarifies the call to action on your Prescott business website. In the world of marketing, your call to action... read more

Facebook postings for your business

Most business owners know that posting the same content over and over isn't very effective in getting those all-important likes, comments, and shares or the most important of all, the... read more

Search Engine Optimization for your business website

If you are somewhat new to the ins and outs of internet marketing, you may have heard the acronym, SEO, which means, “Search Engine Optimization.” iPrescott Business Solutions explains Search... read more

Web analytics for your business

iPrescott Business Solutions can help you track website analytics to get the most from your Prescott business website.Web analytics are not new to the online business world. iPrescott Business Solutions... read more

Objectives for your business website

iPrescott Business Solutions can help you grow your Prescott business online.As an internet marketing and web design company, we get the privilege of having many discussions with clients around the... read more

Setting online marketing goals for your business

Growing your business’s online presence is of paramount importance in this day and age. Before you start blogging or collecting email addresses for your Prescott business, iPrescott Business Solutions recommends... read more

User generated content for your business website

iPrescott Business Solutions can help you grow your Prescott small business with online marketing.Like never before, online conversations with consumers are helping to dictate the strategic marketing decisions of businesses.... read more

Storytelling to promote your business and products

Why tell a story on your business website? Do you remember the vivid story in someone's presentation but forgot the main point they were making? Most people remember the story.... read more

Consistency in marketing your small business

There’s no denying that people who are successful in business rely on consistency. Having a consistent marketing plan to boost your online presence can determine whether or not your prospective... read more

Who knows about your business website?

Serving as a one-stop location for people to find nearly everything they could want to know about your business, websites are at the very top of the list and a... read more

Tips to give your website a better user experience

User experience (UX) focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need and value, and their abilities and limitations. iPrescott Business Solutions offers tips to give your Prescott... read more

The benefits of blogging for your business

We live in an age where we have opportunity to use free platforms on the internet to grow our businesses. iPrescott Business Solutions recommends blogging to bring more visitors to your website... read more

The landing page for your business website

A good landing page for your website is clear, concise, and holds the attention of visitors. iPrescott Business Solutions discusses the landing page for your Prescott business website. A landing page... read more

Some facts about SEO

iPrescott Business Solutions can help you boost your business's online presence by search engine optimization (SEO). Here are a few things Prescott business owners should know about how SEO works... read more

Starting a business? Build your brand awareness using these personal networking strategies

While there are many ways to boost brand awareness of your Prescott small business, one of the best places to start is by developing networking strategies. Choosing the right strategies... read more

Grow your business and online marketing with Google Maps using these tips

By taking the right steps to ensure that Google can find your Prescott business, Google Maps can lead customers right to your front door. iPrescott Business Solutions offers these tips... read more

Tips for email marketing

We would like to share the advantages of using a professional email marketing service when marketing your Prescott business. Are you missing out on these important features by not using... read more

The value of listening to expand your business

As human beings, we are generally not good listeners. For business people, that is bad for business. Here we discuss the value of listening to grow and expand your Prescott... read more

Track the marketing dollars you spend in your small business

Is the money you're spending on marketing your Prescott small business paying off? Is your marketing budget producing paying customers? Is your message reaching your target audience? Do they know about... read more

How video marketing can benefit your small business

Do you want to inspire, evoke emotion, and appeal to the needs of your potential customers? iPrescott Business Solutions shares how video marketing can benefit your Prescott small business. In recent years,... read more

Tips on building your business with blogs and social media

If your Prescott small business is not on social media, it should be. Social media is the top online activity in the U.S. according to research. iPrescott Business Solutions shows you how to... read more

How to use Facebook to build your small business

Would you like to grow your small business? Of course, you would! Facebook recently had half a billion people people log in on a single day! With numbers like that,... read more

Tips for getting your small business started with social media

New to social media? iPrescott Business Solutions encourages Prescott business owners to launch or grow your business using these social media and social networking first steps: Create a Username: Ideally the... read more

Benefits of eCommerce for your business

The term, “eCommerce,” refers to any form of business transaction conducted online. iPrescott Business Solutions explains the benefits of eCommerce for your Prescott business and how we can help you... read more

Search engine rankings for your business

Why is a search engine ranking important? Because people searching for a service, a product or a business don't want to investigate pages and pages of search engine results. That's... read more

How online reviews can benefit your Prescott small business

Online reviews are one of the most important assets to growing your business. It’s estimated that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. iPrescott Business Solutions can... read more

Tips for using YouTube to market your business

Most businesses now realize that social media is an important part of their online marketing package. Most have a website and may occasionally post to Facebook. iPrescott Business Solutions would... read more

Using Facebook to market your business

Facebook is huge and business owners can benefit from Facebook's wealth of marketing options. With 62% of its more than a billion active users logging in every day, the world's... read more

Why you should use social media for your small business

You are probably thinking that you do not have the time to add another project to your to do list. Much less a project that will require ongoing dedication and... read more

Is your business website mobile friendly?

When the internet first started growing, it was important for your business to have a website so that it would be found by potential customers. While that is still important,... read more

The most common website design mistakes made by small businesses

When you own a small business, a strong website presence is vital for branding and marketing. Visitors are coming to your website for a specific reason. You want to make... read more

What is Search Engine Optimization and why does it matter for your business?”

First, let’s answer the burning question of what does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) do? In simple terms, SEO will allow you to connect with those searching for your product or... read more

Why Your Business Should Hire a Professional Web Designer

Today’s online consumers start making the decision whether or not to buy from you well before they even look at your product or services. From the minute they click the... read more

Boosting online sales for your small business

If you’re a small business owner and you sell products online, you’re probably seeing some moderate growth in your business. Experts in eCommerce predict that web sales will increase this... read more

Why Facebook is important for your small business

Facebook is not going anywhere, and if there is one area of social media you should consider, it is most certainly Facebook. This platform attracts more than 2 billion users... read more

Ways to Increase Online Visibility For Your Business

Marketing your business online increases the number of potential customers you reach. But it doesn’t happen by accident. Marketing your Prescott business online requires a few strategic and well-planned areas... read more

Is your website user friendly?

Often, the first glimpse a customer will have of your business is your website. Your website is an opportunity to create return customers, as long as there is a reason... read more

Missing Pieces on Your Business Website

So your business has a website, but you think it’s really not doing much. A website is not just some pretty pictures, it is actually a puzzle that has a... read more

What you should be doing when marketing your small business

During the economic downturn of the last several years, large numbers of people have lost jobs, been downsized or even become disillusioned with corporate America. As a result, many have... read more

Marketing strategies for your businesses

Small and local businesses cannot compete with the marketing budgets of large national companies. However, the advantage a local business may have over a national business is knowing the local... read more

The Importance of First Impressions of Your Website

In the “old days” people would go to the yellow pages to look for someone to do business with. Today, people search the internet for businesses, products, services, etc. The... read more

Business Solutions for website optimization

Do you own a business that has a website? Have you ever heard of website optimization? In a nutshell, website optimization is the process of improving the performance of the... read more

What Your Business Website Analytics Are Telling You

If your business has a website, you should also be aware of the analytics of the website and what they are all about. The professionals at iPrescott Business Solutions are... read more

Blogging and Content Marketing

In this age of computers, we have coined many new words. If you wonder where the term “blog” came from, an individual would journal on their web site, creating a... read more

Which Social Media Platforms Might Help Your Business Marketing

Social media is everywhere. Platforms from Facebook to Snapchat to YouTube are available, most for free, and can be an effective business marketing tool in Prescott. But like all good... read more

Tips for Improving Website Traffic

So you’ve got a website, but it doesn’t seem to be helping your business very much. You search on Google and don’t find your site until page 7 or 8.... read more

How to Spring clean your businesses for a more profitable year

If you are like most people, your new year has not started until you have finished with those nasty business taxes. It is at that point we sit back and... read more

Online Marketing with Social Media for Your Business

Online marketing with social media for Prescott businesses from iPrescott Business SolutionsOne of the most economical and effective marketing tools in today’s society is social media. Social media marketing is... read more

Recommendations to Help Businesses Get the Most From Their Company Blog

A blog (a shortened version of "weblog") is a discussion or informational website published on the Internet that which can tell the world more about your business and posts are... read more

Scam Alert! Why is Google Calling Me?

How to rank high on a search engine such as Google seems to be a mystery. Every business owner wants to be the very first search result on the very first page.... read more

Why You Should Hire a Professional Web Designer

Hello? Is anybody out there?” Do you own a business in Prescott and you find yourself asking these questions? If you are, hopefully it’s not too late. In today’s business... read more

Using Videos in Marketing to Promote Your Business

How can using Video Marketing help your business? iPrescott Business Solutions shares some reasons on how your business could benefit from Video Marketing in Prescott Arizona. Why would you want... read more

It's Your Story. Share it on Your Website

iPrescott Business Solutions brings to you a few little tips on how to explain your business story in Prescott Arizona, as well as information about yourself and your employees. The... read more

How to get More Likes on Facebook

Ever wonder how people get so many likes on their Facebook page? You do not need to pay for them, you do not need to make any major changes to... read more

The Importance of a Professional Website Design

Have you been thinking about giving your website a face lift? Is your site looking outdated compared to our competition? iPrescott Business Solutions explains the importance of website design. A... read more

What is the Importance of a Responsive Website Design?

A responsive website is basically one that changes to display itself correctly on any device no matter the screen size or orientation of the device being used to view the... read more

Content Marketing vs Search Engine Optimization

What is all the buzz? If you have sought to change your website's marketing strategy recently, you have no doubt been bombarded with a new buzz word, "content marketing". Before signing... read more

Tips To Supercharge Your Online Marketing

Spoiler alert, this is free! Do you think capturing the top spot on Google is out of reach? Do you think online marketing is going to cost more than your business can... read more

Getting Started: What you need for your new website

Thank you for choosing us to help you make a statement on the internet with a new website from iPrescott Business Solutions. We create nearly a dozen websites monthly and... read more

10 Marketing Ideas For Local Businesses With Limited Budgets

1. Start with Great Content - I would be remiss if I failed to mention the importance of writing good content for your target audience. You need to attract the right audience... read more
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Website Design, SEO, and Online Marketing from iPrescott Business Solutions
5 out of 5 stars iPrescott offers the best value in Prescott for small business, The amount of work they do for me on a monthly basis for the cost is amazing! They create very well written articles and I really like the YouTube videos. They also have very creative and effective social media marketing techniques. I will continue to use iPrescott for all of my marketing needs and highly recommend them to any business looking for a great marketing company that offers a ton of value!
Website Design, SEO, and Online Marketing from iPrescott Business Solutions
5 out of 5 stars iPrescott is that no-pressure professional that you want to find. JonPaul is willing to spend time with you to get to know your on-line issues & business needs BEFORE your expert create/repair services begin. Then his prices remain very reasonable!
Website Design, SEO, and Online Marketing from iPrescott Business Solutions
5 out of 5 stars Great website designer, SEO, and social media marketing. If you're looking for any of these, and great customer service look no further. Jonpual Jamison and his team at iprescott are truly the best. They've provided me with a great website, and currently help me with SEO, social media marketing, and any website changes needed. With great customer care, true professionalism, and taking absolute pride in what they do. You'll be in good hands with iprescott. Thank you Jonpaul and iprescott Team.
Website Design, SEO, and Online Marketing from iPrescott Business Solutions
5 out of 5 stars iPrescott Business Solutions in Prescott Arizona is a website and on-line business you can count on! I have owned my own business for over 30 years and have used 5 other companies before using iPrescott. None came close to JonPaul & his team! My website is beautiful, the training is excellent and everything that was said was going to be done was completed perfectly in a very timely manner! JP even helped to keep me on schedule. I wouldn't go anywhere else-period!