A call to action on your Prescott business website

iPrescott Business Solutions can create an effective website for your Prescott business and provide marketing strategies to grow your business online.In marketing terms, what is a call to action? iPrescott Business Solutions clarifies the call to action on your Prescott business website.

In the world of marketing, your call to action is the part of your advertisement that tells your target audience what they should be doing once they click on your blog link or PPC (pay-per-click) ad and hit your landing page. It should include the following elements.

Use language that causes emotion and enthusiasm.
You want to provoke enthusiasm from your audience to produce a strong response. If your call to action is enthusiastic, then your audience will be too. “Buy now and get another one free!” Who would not be excited about an offer like that?
Use a strong verb of command to begin your call to action. You need to be brief and clear. If the character limit for your ad is set at 40 characters per description line, you cannot be lengthy, so get straight to the point. Make it clear to your viewers exactly what you want them to do: “Call us at…” “Visit us at…”

Give your viewers a reason to act.
How will your product or service help them? Will it save them money, will it make their work easier or faster? Will you provide a free consultation? Tell them not only what you want them to do, but give them a reason why they should.

Use FOMO (fear of missing out).
Fear of missing out is an effective motivator. When people think they might lose out on a once in a lifetime opportunity that might not come around again, they act. “Today Only!” Or, “Sale Ends This Week!”

iPrescott Business Solutions can help you create an effective call to action for your Prescott business website. We will show you how to use various online marketing techniques to find customers eager for your goods and services. Call the business solution experts today at 928-642-4048.