Blogging and Content Marketing

In this age of computers, we have coined many new words. If you wonder where the term “blog” came from, an individual would journal on their web site, creating a log. From their “web log” came the term “blog.” iPrescott Business Solutions discusses blogging, its popularity and its marketing potential for your Prescott area business.

Website or Blog? There is still some confusion over the difference between a blog and a website. Many businesses use both and blend them into a single web presence. But what sets a blog apart from a website is this:

  • Blogs are updated often. The continuous flow of new content through blogs, possibly weekly or even daily, can be used to update what services or events your business wants to emphasize.
  • Blogs allow readers to engage with the business. Because people can post comments and interact with you, they can get to know you. A blog helps you build trust and rapport with your prospective customers by giving you the opportunity to share your expertise and credibility.
  • Popularity. Blogging creates new content which enhances your online visibility. The higher your business ranks in the search engines, the more likely your business is to thrive. SEO or search engine optimization is directly affected by blogging. For blogs to be effective, they need to be updated regularly. The success of blogging comes from having people return, and they only return when there’s something new to read.

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