Business Solutions for website optimization

Let iPrescott Business Solutions enhance your Prescott website optimizationDo you own a business that has a website? Have you ever heard of website optimization? In a nutshell, website optimization is the process of improving the performance of the website by experimenting with variations on different pages of the site to determine which changes will result in more traffic to the website. Let iPrescott Business Solutions help you to meet your business goals and optimize your website for your Prescott business. Whether your website is purchases, appointments, demos, or information, we have your solution.

The Goals of Website Optimization
First we need to determine the objective of your website. Different businesses have different objectives for their site. For example, if you run an eCommerce site, the optimization goals would be more purchases. iPrescott Business Solutions conducts testing to determine areas of your website where more traffic needs to be drawn in order to reach your business goals.

Potential areas of the website to optimize:

  • A headline, or the main message
  • Utilizing video and pictures
  • Forms and the technology needed to correctly capture the data sets
  • Testimonials
  • The ease of use that will lead people to the “call to action”
  • The organization of the website–does it easily guide people to the “call to action”
  • The placement and utilization of social media icons
  • How the website looks and operates when used on a mobile device

One aspect of website optimization is to determine how easy it is to find the website using a search engine, like Google or Firefox. At iPrescott Business Solutions, we work to make sure that your rankings are constantly increasing, with the goal that you eventually show up on the first page in Google searches. We do this by implementing several things, such as decreasing page load speeds, minimizing poor user experience, especially when logging in from the mobile device, using relevant keywords, and of course, content that attracts visitors.

Website optimization, if done correctly, can be invaluable to the success of your business. If you want to make sure that your website is optimized and is getting the right traffic, let iPrescott Business Solutions do a website analysis for you. We can help get your Prescott area business website optimized. Contact us today for a consultation at 928-642-4048.