Content Marketing vs Search Engine Optimization

What is all the buzz?

If you have sought to change your website’s marketing strategy recently, you have no doubt been bombarded with a new buzz word, “content marketing”. Before signing up for costly marketing packages you should learn the truth.

Many marketing professionals have started putting a fresh spin on this old term to create new marketing hype. Truth is content marketing is only one part of a complete marketing strategy that has existed for over a decade.

Nothing new just good online marketing!

There are three main facets of a correctly designed online marketing plan. Content, search engine optimization, and social media are the trifecta that your marketing professional should be discussing with you.

Content is the driving force behind search engine optimization and social media has become the engine in which to deliver your content to the target audience. Once your content exists in something more than a vacuum and is shared through your social channels, the search engine optimization becomes the roadmap to allow more people to discover it.

Content and SEO are King and Queen…

Creating as little as 4 quality content pieces a month can greatly increase your website’s overall appeal, increase your visitor engagement, and keep the search engines looking at your website to see what updates you have made.

Performing minimal search engine optimization on your content can work wonders to increase website rankings for the content, in turn increases visitors finding the content, and if done correctly will increase the likelihood of your social circles sharing the content. In any order just mentioned, it all starts with quality content.
Follow these content guidelines:

Length: 350 words minimum per piece about one subject/topic

Paragraphs: keep paragraphs short and to the point. Only 1-3 sentences each

Bullet Points: bullet points are a great way to add a list of important keyword variants

Bold Text: a line of bold text before a new subtopic/paragraph is sign post for the subject

Images: adding images with on-topic alt tags add support for the subject

Links: adding hyperlinks to other relevant  pages on your website will increase awareness

Seems easy enough… Any questions?

Now that we have demystified the concept of content marketing and how it should work with your search engine marketing strategy, feel free to contact us for more information, or to see how we can help you reach your online marketing goals.