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The Mobile Web

Have you ever visited a website on a mobile device and found yourself squinting at a full desktop version of the website reduced to the width of your cell phone?

How do you feel after a few minutes of pinching and zooming, sliding from side to side to read text that was too small? Other websites provide a special mobile only approach, however the content has been stripped to the bare minimum. What good is a website that cannot be viewed by everyone?

As the world continues to become increasingly more fast paced, internet browsing starts to become ever more mobile. Website visitors and online shoppers have grown in leaps and bounds, and in today’s world, more than half are using high speed mobile devices.

Studies show that over 70% of mobile users are frustrated by the amount of pinching, zooming, sliding that needs to take place to view most websites being displayed today.

Some website owners are unaware of their website’s performance on such devices, and of those who are aware, have decided the solution is out of reach financially.

The One Web Approach

Websites should look good no matter what device they are being view on. At the same time websites should not have to updated everytime a new device or new browser comes out. We believe you should not limit your website visitors to a certain browser or operating system! 

Our industry leading approach to website design provides all of your content to every visitor regardless of their browsing platform and window size. Every page of your website is optimized to be displayed on all devices. Although we did not invent the one web standard, the technology is simple and included in every website designed on our content management system.

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Every website design looks great no matter the device!

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