Facebook postings for your business

iPrescott Business Solutions can help you utilize Facebook to grow your Prescott business clientele.Most business owners know that posting the same content over and over isn’t very effective in getting those all-important likes, comments, and shares or the most important of all, the click-through. iPrescott Business Solutions offers steps to help Prescott business owners create amazing content on your Facebook postings that your followers will love.

1. Ask advice to solve a problem
All you have to do is pose a problem. You’ll be surprised by the number of responses because people love to help solve problems and provide answers.

2. Post a Contest
Which of us doesn’t love a great contest? One of the benefits of using a contest app, in addition to the audience reach of a contest, is being able to snatch emails to add to your contacts list. There are quite a few contest apps available to use to run your contest or you can run contests directly on your Facebook fan page.

3. Host a Discussion
Facebook says the posts that get greater exposure in your newsfeed are those that, in essence, ignite conversations and meaningful communication between people.

4. Initiate a Survey
Surveys and polls are a great way for both generating discussion among your visitors and gaining valuable (and marketable) insights from your audience.

5. Create Events and share them
Popular events for local business to create and share might include a store opening, a sale, product demonstrations, live entertainment, or even a conference. Creating and sharing an event is a great way to kindle excitement and participation.

Could your Prescott business use some help creating content for the world’s largest social media platform? If so, or if you would like help in creating contests, polls or any one of the many resources Facebook has to reach more people, call the business solution experts at iPrescott Business Solutions at 928-642-4048.