Good Advice on Cyber Liability

Busines Solutions, advice on cyber liabilityThink you’re too small to catch the attention of hackers? Big mistake. Your company might be exactly what they want.  For many years, the average American small business was an unlikely target for a sophisticated cyberattack. iPrescott provides tips on how businesses can protect themselves and their clients from cyber threats.

Smaller companies are attractive because they tend to have weaker online security. They’re also doing more business than ever online via cloud services that don’t use strong encryption technology.

What can you do to limit the likely event of a cyber attack on your business?

1.) Regular Back-Ups: This allows you to protect your information from hackers who hold information hostage for money and protects your business if any of your data is lost.

2.) Update Systems: Make sure that you update software and operating systems as often as possible. This fixes any weaknesses that may have come up in your system.

3.) Protect your Wi-Fi: Using unsecured or non-password-protected Wi-Fi is an easy way to allow hackers into your system.  Simple fixes make it harder for those hacking to get your information and data.

4.) Train Employees: Training your employees on both password rules, what not to download and much more also further protects your business from simple mistakes.

5.) Use Complex Passwords: Use numbers and symbols to increase how difficult it is for hackers to get in to any of your accounts. Additionally, do not reuse passwords among accounts!

6.) Don’t Open Unknown Files: If you are not sure if an email or download is safe do not open it.  Often emails and files can act as a trojan horse for hackers and viruses to get onto your system and computers with ease.

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