How blogs can help your small business website

iPrescott Business Solutions can put together a marketing strategy for your Prescott small business and help your customers find you.Customers nowadays are looking online first for solutions to their problems. Let them see your company first when they Google search another “how to….” question. Blogs offering solutions to common customer problems can help your business get visible in the depths of the internet. iPrescott Business Solutions wants to share with you exactly how blogs can help your Prescott small business website.

It’s about the customers
Create valuable content that will entice readers to click on your blog. If they find your information interesting, they could come back to your website and increase your business. Try to write about new information or a solution for customers to make your business look like experts in your field – which you are!

Blog consistently
Don’t confuse your customers by only occasionally publishing. If you create content frequently, it will make your business look relevant and stick in the customers’ heads. Also, this will help your website climb up the search engine rankings, making your business more visible.

Keep it short, sweet, and shareable
Don’t write more than 400 words, but make every sentence count! Social media has made internet users more likely to skim articles, rather than read them through and through. So make sure to cut out unnecessary words and write to the point. Because your blog will be super interesting, add links to all forms of social media possible so that it’s easy for the customer to spread the word about your awesome business!

If you are not a writer, you can also outsource blog writing to another company, like iPrescott Business Solutions. We are here to improve online presence for Prescott small businesses. For more information about how we can help your online marketing strategies, call us at 928-642-4048 today.