How fast does your business website load?

You might be surprised, but according to the latest industry data, speed is of the greatest importance to internet and search engine users. Bearing this in mind, iPrescott Business Solutions asks: How fast does your Prescott business website load?

As we continue into the 21st century, the expectations of both internet users and search engine companies have simultaneously moved toward speed. The era of slow website performance is at an end. Here are some things to consider:

  • Where does your website stand? Step one should be understanding both how fast your website should upload and how fast it actually does.
  • More and more internet users are visiting websites from mobile devices.
  • What is the ideal mobile page load time?  According to a number of studies and public opinion polls, a majority of 53% of mobile internet users click off of a website if it takes any longer than 3 seconds to be fully visible.
  • What is the actual current average website load time? Although internet users demand speedy page load times, the majority of mobile sites take 15 seconds to become fully visible. This means many businesses are losing a lot of money!

There are literally hundreds of tools and techniques that can help to boost your website speed and page load times. The experts at iPrescott Business Solutions will test your system and give you an in-depth understanding of your overall website load performance and specific details if your site is underperforming. Then we will bring it up to speed so your potential customers will become real customers.

Does your website draw the customers it should?  iPrescott Business Solutions will bring your website up to speed! For website consultation, web design and online marketing strategies, call 928-642-4048