How readable is your business website

iPrescott Business Solutions can create a responsive and professional website for your Prescott business to help you stand out from the crowd.Everyone wants a good looking website. It is easy to forget though that a website’s primary function is to provide the user with information about your business. Flashing headers, slideshows and ads can all make a site look really good, but fail to communicate what sets your business apart in the areas that really matter. iPrescott Business Solutions has some tips on how to make your Prescott business website as easy to read as it is to look at.

Tip #1
Any great design will focus on these two values: speed and simplicity. Users should be able to load the website quickly and find the information they are looking for easily.

Tip #2
You don’t need to be a photographer or designer to have a great looking website. Use free stock photo sites such as, add some text with a free photo editor such as and you’ve got a great header.

Tip #3
The content area of your site should be clearly larger than other areas. Place opt-in forms or ads in columns on the sides. These need to be visible, but the eye should be drawn to the main content first.

Tip #4
Stay away from flashing animations and busy backgrounds. Dark text on a light background is easiest on the eyes.

Tip #5
The navigation should run across the top or down the sides. Label the links clearly and put a lot of thought into what most people viewing the site will be looking for.

Tip #6
Reading on a screen is different than on paper. Use short sentences and paragraphs of no more than four sentences each. Divide the text with subheadings and bullets so it’s easy to skim. Sprinkle the page with a graphic or two, but leave plenty of white space.

Using these tips, you can easily design a website that is not only beautiful, but easy to use. The good impression users get from your website will ultimately help make an impression of your whole business. iPrescott Business Solutions offers a free consultation if you would like to discuss how to make your Prescott business website even better. To schedule an appointment, call us today at 928-642-4048.