How to get More Likes on Facebook

Learn how to get more likes on facebook in Prescott from iPrescott Business Solutions.Ever wonder how people get so many likes on their Facebook page? You do not need to pay for them, you do not need to make any major changes to anything, and it really can be a quick and easy process. iPrescott Business Solutions in Prescott brings to you a how you get more likes on your Facebook without being intrusive.

Just follow some of these simple steps:

Improve your Facebook Page – Fill in all of your contact info, upload your logo, change your layout to be visually appealing, post customer feedback, ask for likes.

Increase traffic and visibility of your page – Show your customers you have a page and promote it. Put your page on the back of your business card or at the very least indicate you are on Facebook and how to find you. Insert links onto your webpage, blogger, twitter, Instagram or any other social or digital accounts you may have that will direct your customers to your Facebook page and ask them to give you a like.

Be Prompt and Human – Remember that every conversation you have on Facebook is a current or potential customer and you need to be responsive, polite and always positive. If you are contacted online for positive feedback or about an issue and you are able to resolve that person’s problem, ask them for a like.

Did we mention asking? Asking is one of the easiest and best way to get the desired outcome. It’s also the most forgotten step of promoting your page. People often skip over and miss out on the opportunity. Remember, when someone leaves you a good review, a comment, or contacting you in any way they are going out of their way, using their time, and helping you. By responding to their comments, their messages, or those reviews you are showing your genuine interest. Asking for a like is one of the simple ways to get those people who had a great experience with you already to show others their pleasure.

It does not take much, here are some simple ways to ask. Remember, being human and keeping things organic are the best ways. Sending out digital information to ask people to like your page are not great ways to do so.

“I am glad you had a positive experience with us, would you mind liking our page?”

“If you like us and our services could you give us a like on our Facebook page?”

Simple responses are quick and efficient. Always remember to be kind and courteous, don’t seem pushy and above all else avoid sending out spam emails begging for likes, these get discarded and future messages are likely to be as well.

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