How to use keywords for your business website

iPrescott Business Solutions can help customers find your Prescott business with keywords.Don’t underestimate the value of keywords in successfully driving customers to your Prescott business website. The internet is literally a world-wide marketplace. Whether you sell products, services or information, your site is competing with every other website for search engine attention. iPrescott Business Solutions recommends adding keywords to your website to help search engines match your site to specific search terms.

By strategically using keywords, search engines rank your site by its relevance to people looking for those keywords (search terms). Keywords fall into two categories:

  • Head: These are shorter keywords and typically categorical with a broad search volume. Examples are: realtor, jewelry, and veterinarian. These head keywords target a wide audience and are usually too general to rank well.
  • Long-tail: These are multi-word, descriptive search terms. Examples are: Prescott new home realtor, sterling silver Native jewelry, and exotic-animals veterinarian. These long-tail specific search queries target narrower audiences and generally rank higher.
    Creating keywords for your site

Step 1 – Brainstorm a list
Begin by creating an unedited list of keywords you think potential customers might be using to find sites like yours. Use your imagination. You’ll edit the list in the next step.

Step 2 – Refine the list
Next, use the following criteria to help determine which keywords (from Step 1) to prioritize. Consider keywords that are:

  • Broad enough (Head) to be commonly searched
  • Specific enough (Long-tail) that your site could rank on the first page of results
  • Relevant to your business and could be used to create valuable content
  • Your company name if your company doesn’t rank well when it is specifically searched for by name
  • You could end up with potentially hundreds of keywords. Instead, focus on a list of 10 including three head keywords and seven long-tail.

Search engines have a significant impact on driving traffic to your website. For many sites, more than half of their traffic comes from an organic search. Is your Prescott business getting as much traffic as it could? Call the search engine experts at iPrescott Business Solutions today at 928-642-4048 to discuss improving your business’ search engine ranking.