It’s Your Story. Share it on Your Website

If you're looking for ideas on sharing your story on your website in Prescott, iPrescott Business Solutions has the answer.iPrescott Business Solutions brings to you a few little tips on how to explain your business story in Prescott Arizona, as well as information about yourself and your employees. The about and FAQ pages can be used to tell your customers about yourself and your processes. They are the insight to your business and how and where you present your information can make it even easier to share your information.

About page – The about page should explain useful information about your business. This can be information about you, your employees. This information can be about how your business came to be, this is normally a quick summary about you the owner, or the founder of your business and a little about the employees that represent you and your brand. Remember that this is your chance to present your company to all those who visit your website. This must be high-quality information and presented in a way that best describes you in a professional manor.

FAQ page – This section should be used to explain your business processes. This is where your policies should be listed such as how you may handle sales, returns, shipping, disputes, and replacements. The FAQ is your frequently Asked Questions and should explain frequently asked questions! This will save hours of having to explain the questions over and over. Remember that if you present your information in an easy to understand manner this will be a very small list. If you receive a ton of questions about how to contact your company for issues then the information may not be easy to find on your site. This is not always the case but don’t rule it out.

Remember that your website is your interface to each and every customer or potential customer who visits it. A website can say a lot about the company that it represents. These tips on the about page as well as the FAQ page are just a few bits of information that can help you with your site. If you need further information on how to best present information to your customers you can reach iPrescott Buisness Solutions at 928-642-4048