Contact Marketing...Turn prospects into customers

Internet Lead Management

Once you have an email address of a customer what do you do with it? The best marketing plans say to email that client for repeat business, however marketing to your contacts is a full time job. Most larger companies have staff to manage this part of the marketing. Adding/editing contacts, creating the content, broadcast schedule. How do the rest of us handle this kind of marketing? There are services online to help you manage this workload, each with their own monthly fee, this can get quite costly. 


Integrated Management and Tracking Analytics

The most efficient way to handle contact marketing is an integrated system within your website. This integration* is included with websites from iPrescott Business Solutions. As visitors contact you through your website forms or purchase items from your sales pages they are automatically entered into a contact management system. This valuable system allows you to market to your contacts by email to send announcements, newsletters, or even a link to leave a testimonial. Our system provides the tools to make your business grow!

Want to learn how to sell your good and services through email marketing in Prescott? We can help you with your contact marketing and building a contact list. Get the most out of online marketing with iPrescott Business Solutions. Contact us today!