Performance Analytics...Eliminate risk through tracking

Marketing Analytics

With all the products and services available to help you market online, who has the time to track what is actually working? The main reason companies move their advertising budgets from traditional media is because the actual viewing cannot be tracked. One of the best things about the new media is clicks-through rates, time spent on a page, or even when an email is opened. If your marketing plan is not integrated, you could spend hours a week analyzing the results.


Track Everything In Real-Time

With everything integrated into your website you are able to get your analytic data in one place. Included* with your iPrescott website is the convenience of having all your analytic data in one place. The moment each visitor arrives on your website you can track their movement through the website. Track every page view, every shortened url visit, every scanned QR code. Measure your website’s impact on each visitor.

Learn the importance of performance analytics to sell your goods and services through email marketing in Prescott. We can help you with your contact marketing and building a contact list. Get the most out of online marketing with iPrescott Business Solutions. Contact us today!