Migrating the website for your Prescott small business

iPrescott Business Solutions can help you with website design and migration for your Prescott business website.The ever-evolving internet means it’s more than likely that successful business owners will face the somewhat daunting challenge of migrating data when it comes time to overhaul their website. Because site migration can be tricky, iPrescott Business Solutions offers Prescott business owners some information and a few warnings.

Site Migration:

Simply put, all of the content you’ve created on your website needs to get relocated, merged or upgraded. Site migration is not without substantial risks as you move your website, for example, from one domain to another more secure domain. Keeping your website up to date with current industry standards, innovative enough to satisfy your customers and secure enough for both without damaging the progression you’ve made in your website over the years is something to be left to the professionals. Site migration entails moving your entire website.

While moving from one domain to another is considered among professionals as being a pretty basic, fundamental type of migration (there are far more complex forms of site migration), it is not without substantial risks to your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings. If you are not familiar with migrating data or don’t have the right SEO platform or technical support, don’t do it.


Messing up means you could lose large courses of your website’s traffic overnight. Site migration only takes a couple of mistakes before you manage to sink your website’s keyword rankings and cause any organic search traffic to simply bottom-out for for extended periods of time.

Hopefully, the risks caught your attention. As your website grows and as the need develops to migrate everything from your current domain to another, remember the risks. Don’t risk your website. Don’t risk your SEO rankings. Don’t risk your much-needed traffic. Remember the risks and call iPrescott Business Solutions to handle moving your Prescott business website. Site migration can boost your website’s performance, visibility and marketing. For more information call the experts at iPrescott Business Solutions today at 928-642-4048.