Missing Pieces on Your Business Website

iPrescott Business Solutions tells you what your Prescott business website needsSo your business has a website, but you think it’s really not doing much. A website is not just some pretty pictures, it is actually a puzzle that has a variety of pieces. Without all of the pieces, your puzzle may not show the picture you want. iPrescott Business Solutions recommends taking time to stop and review all the essential pieces for a functional business website and see if your Prescott business website has any pieces missing.

Design – The look and feel of your website is a huge part of what makes your first impression online either good or bad. A do-it-yourself templated design can be the downfall of your website. Professional web designers can help make your digital image promote confidence and credibility for your company. Without good design, the other pieces just don’t seem to fit into place.

Is it mobile? – In other words, the website should look good on any devices the customer is using to access your website, from computer to phone to tablet. A high percentage (over 90%) of websites are not mobile friendly and statistics show that more people search websites on their smartphones than on their computers.

Do What? – Your website needs to be user-friendly to your customers. It should tell the customer very simply what you want them to do (purchase a product or service?) and make doing it easy. Your website also needs to simply tell them how to get a hold of you if they have questions.

Search Engine Optimization – Even if you have a good website, you still need a way for customers to find you when they use a search engine. Most customers don’t look past the first or second page of search results, so you need to work to make sure that your website comes up on the first page or so.

Where Else? – A good business website also needs to take advantage of today’s social media. In order to reach as many people as possible, your website information needs to be available through social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more. Your social profile helps customers know more about you.

Analytics – If you don’t know how your website is performing, you will have no idea if the pieces are fitting together properly. Analytics are a tool to show you if your website is performing well or if it is in dire need of help.

Changes – Would you like reading the same book over and over? Needless to say, it would get old pretty fast. Your website is the same to your customers. Unless you continually refresh and update your site, there is no reason for your customers to come back. Add to your content on a regular basis to keep your information up to date and your customers coming back.

As you can see, building, maintaining and promoting your Prescott business website yourself often means cutting corners and taking time away from actually running your business. If your website has pieces missing, or you just can’t figure out the right way to link the pieces together, the professionals at iPrescott Business Solutions are here to help, from design to digital marketing to professional support. For more information, please give us a call at 928-642-4048