Some facts about SEO

iPrescott Business Solutions can help you boost your business’s online presence by search engine optimization (SEO). Here are a few things Prescott business owners should know about how SEO works and what to expect.

SEO Needs Time
Every form of marketing, whether traditional or digital, takes a reasonable degree of time to see results. Expecting every person driving by your newest billboard to become an immediate customer is a bit unrealistic. The same idea goes for driving traffic to your website; it takes time.

SEO Needs Maintenance
Search engine optimization is a continual process that takes consistent maintenance. Developing your online presence through social media, original content and customer reviews means you need to include time in your schedule for this important goal.

Is SEO Right for You?
Before you spend money on marketing, it’s a good idea to perform a business analysis first. Knowing what kind of marketing strategies are most successful for your business type will tell you how and where your marketing budget should be spent.

iPrescott Business Solutions Uses an Organic Approach for SEO
An organic approach means iPrescott Business Solutions increases your online presence through algorithm-based results such as developing search citations with uniform business listings, or by maintaining your social media presence and the optimization of your business website.

SEO Can’t Guarantee Sales
More traffic to your website doesn’t guarantee more sales… but more traffic to your website does mean the possibility for more sales. Sales may be dependent on a variety of factors including visiting a number of websites, reading reviews, and of course, the cost of your product or service.

Originality and Consistency are Key
Search engines are likely to see repeated copying-and-pasting of the same content over multiple platforms as spam. Search engines also want to see accurate listing information. iPrescott Business Solutions’ “listing service” also known as “directory and review site listing submissions” provides 50 sites with your company information, hours and images to prevent hindering your SEO from the negative effects of old addresses and incorrect numbers.

The most important factors to a successful robust online presence include:

  • Well-written and original content
  • Correct business information among all business listings
  • An active and current presence on various social media platforms
  • Monitoring your online presence by responding to customer reviews
  • Optimizing your business website to rank higher in search engine results

Managing the online identity of your Prescott business is a full-time commitment. iPrescott Business Solutions specializes in working with you to boost your business’s online presence. If you’re ready to grow your Prescott business, call us today at 928-642-4048.