Starting a business? Build your brand awareness using these personal networking strategies

While there are many ways to boost brand awareness of your Prescott small business, one of the best places to start is by developing networking strategies. Choosing the right strategies can be the difference between success or failure. Here are some networking strategies from iPrescott Business Solutions that will boost your brand:

Be real
Be as authentic as you can. When introverted personalities get nervous, we might find ourselves saying the first thing that comes to mind or express ourselves in a way we didn’t intend. It’s okay to be upfront and transparent. Lasting impressions are often made by people who are open and honest.

Prepare to talk about your business
Even though you know everything about your business, practice telling others about what you do and your business goals. Winging it may not be a good strategy. On the contrary, trying to deliver a memorized speech can make you look stilted or nervous. Instead, prepare by simply practicing introducing the important factors of your business to others.

Visit multiple groups
Various groups can offer a variety of networking opportunities and increase your reach. You might network with like-minded business owners in one group or industry-related members in another. In still another you might find opportunities to network with media and advertising groups.

Use mobile networking
Instead of being limited by your physical surroundings like a dinner table or hotel reception area, you can expand your reach as far as your phone will allow. Make use of event apps and take part in digital chat rooms.

Be an authority
The best way to establish yourself as a business expert is by using your business to help others in your community. Contribute articles to the the local newspaper or create online videos demonstrating how to use your products or problem solve familiar difficulties within your specialty.

Develop relationships
Don’t just focus on those relationships that can obviously help you get ahead but also foster relationships with those you can help. And don’t limit yourself to your business specialty. Many business people have been surprised by those who have helped them and who they have, in turn, been able to help.

Learn new skills
Been thinking about learning to cook or play a guitar or even rebuild a car? Go ahead! Attend lectures or classes on those things that interest you. Just getting out and about in the world will increase your networking reach and help to build more awareness of your business brand.

Need a jump start? Join a local BNI Chapter
With all of the skills and tips offered above, a BNI networking group provides the perfect playground to hone your skills and become a master networker. By joining BNI, you’ll increase your exposure to like-minded professionals, gain referrals from a global network and sharpen your networking skills with exclusive member resources. Don’t wait. Join your local BNI chapter today. For more information contact iPrescott Business Solutions at 928-642-4048.