Storytelling to promote your business and products

Let iPrescott Business Solutions help you grow your Prescott small business online.Why tell a story on your business website? Do you remember the vivid story in someone’s presentation but forgot the main point they were making? Most people remember the story. Apparently, we generally don’t think in terms of facts and figures or theories, but we think ‘stories’. iPrescott Business Solutions introduces you to a little of the science and value of storytelling for your Prescott business website.

A little layman’s science to help you understand (which, according to the scientists, you will likely forget). Before sensory data gets to where it ultimately goes, it passes through the limbic system, the lovely home of your emotions. What does that mean? It means we ‘feel’ before we ‘reflect’. So storytelling often has a more immediate and lasting effect on your audience than a host of facts. So tell your business story online. The ‘About Us’ page is often the second most important after your homepage. Here are some essential elements in telling your business’s story:

First and foremost, be personal.
Few people like dealing with a cold, remote business. Instead, show your visitors that you’re real and approachable. Who needs another faceless corporation? Regardless of the nature of your business, take what may seem like dull and dry details and inject your website with emotion, humanity and passion.

Take us on a trip.
While “once upon a time” and “happily ever after” may be excessive in this case, stories do begin and end. They do take us from one place in time to another. Bring your customers back to your business’s origins. Tell them how you came into being and how you got to where you are.

Is your story a solution?
The best stories find problems to solve. Stories without conflict, struggle, hardship, and ultimate victory can seem a bit dull. Successful businesses often tell the stories of the trouble and victory their founders had in finding suitable products or services to meet their personal needs. For many, those solutions launched their business.

Storytelling isn’t just for great journalists, poets and balladeers. It’s for all of us. Whether your story is pretty basic and maybe even a little brief, it can give your Prescott business website’s ‘About Us’ page a big boost and give your customers even more reason to do business with you. For more information on telling your story, and how we can help you grow your business online, call the experts at iPrescott Business Solutions at 928-642-4048.