The benefits of blogging for your business

We live in an age where we have opportunity to use free platforms on the internet to grow our businesses. iPrescott Business Solutions recommends blogging to bring more visitors to your website and help market and grow your Prescott business online.

Why blogging?
Why pay for email lists or paid ads when you can use social media, search engines, and your blog to drive traffic to your business website? Each new blog on your site gives you a higher probability of showing up in search engines. New content in blogging is a friendly medium others can easily share on social media bringing a new audience your way.

Blogging turns traffic into fresh leads
New posts bring new leads to the table. Every post should have a ‘call-to-action’ for generating leads. You can offer free ebooks, free trials, webinars, or even coupons in exchange for a customer’s contact information. For the free offer, your potential customers can click through to a landing page where they will find a form to fill out. All of your blog posts should have call-to-action buttons to help turn your traffic into sales leads.

Consistent blogs establish your authority
Answering potential customers’ common questions consistently establishes you as an authority in the field. Just think of the benefit of your salesperson being able to send educational blog content to answer customer questions. Establishing authority in your field can be very powerful by making it easier for customers and potential customers to trust you in their purchases. Having a wealth of educational blog posts can also benefit your sales team.

Lasting results! Search engines are a large part of how blogging helps you grow your Prescott business. One blog post might bring you more views and continually new leads. iPrescott Business Solutions is here to answer your questions and show you the benefits of blogging to increase your online presence. Call us today at 928-642-4048 to learn more.