The Importance of a Professional Website Design

Understand the importance of hiring a professional for wesite design in Prescott, call iPrescott business solutions.Have you been thinking about giving your website a face lift? Is your site looking outdated compared to our competition? iPrescott Business Solutions explains the importance of website design. A new design will generate new business, better customer traffic and will impact the success of your business. A website may seem superficial, but a well designed website will attract your ideal customer, and keep him engaged.

Brand Consistency
Keep your logo, especially if it’s a good and recognizable one. Keep it consistent, meaning that it should appear on business cards, brochures, letterhead and any type of packaging. Carrying your logo to your website is important for your customers to recognize your brand at all times. Keep your visual communication, and secure a positive association with your company.

Reading Patterns and SEO
Most of us are comfortable reading a web page in the same way that we read a book – top to bottom, left to right. A well designed website will have the most important information to the upper left. Most of us do not realize that the order of the information placement is beneficial to search engine optimization. Use company-related keywords in the html-based text to ensure that search engines are able to crawl your website easily, and increase search engine placement.

Avoid having too much text (content) on a page. Keep it short and to the point. It will be less visually cluttered and will allow for easier reading. If you streamline your content, the web designer will be able to insert text into his design. Your site’s content is important and it communicates your company’s brand position and promise. A copywriter creates the content and the designer creates the visual portion of the content.

Build trust and strengthen dialogue with your customers. Implement the positive with a new website design. Make it look more welcoming and trustworthy. Get to know what your customers really want and value. A new design means increased traffic to your website. Website conversion leads to improved business.

iPrescott Business Solutions is here to create a website that is designed and managed properly. Prescott is a place where most of us are accustomed to doing business face-to-face. We’ll take away any fear that you may have with the internet. iPrescott Business Solutions will create a site that is welcoming and user-friendly. Find out how and learn some useful tips, call 928-642-4048 for a free consultation.