The importance of a quality website for your business

Many small business owners quickly dismiss websites. Some believe no one will look at it, some are scared of the technology, and others believe it is not necessary because they do things “the old-fashioned way”. Nonetheless, they understand times are changing, and everyone is expected to have a website. This leads to making the mistake of getting the cheapest website that will be a simple “billboard” on the internet. iPrescott Business Solutions wants to help business owners in Prescott understand the importance of having a quality website.

The New “Yellow Pages”

Gone are the days when everyone would turn to the phone book to find the local services they needed. Customers today turn to the internet to find a business that can meet their needs. The internet does not provide an alphabetized list of companies either. If you want to get your business to the top of the list when a potential customer searches for your service, you need a properly built website. Search engines use clever algorithms to determine if your business is a good fit for a search term. A quality website will tell the search engine it is a good fit.

Make a Good First Impression

We all know it is essential to make a good first impression. If you walked into a business and the walls were dirty, the floor was ripped up, and the insulation and wiring were exposed would you expect that company to take care of you? Probably not. When potential customers visit your website looking for information, it is the same as them visiting your storefront. They will form an opinion based on the look of your website.

What is Quality?

A quality website is easy to look at, easy to navigate, and easy to find vital information about your business. Current and potential customers should not have to look hard to learn about your services or how to contact you. The easier you make it for them, the less likely they are to look elsewhere.

Does your website meet the criteria for quality? Are you looking for a fresh look that will “WOW” your customers? iPrescott Business Solutions provides quality websites for Prescott businesses. For information, call 928-642-4048.