The value of listening to expand your business

As human beings, we are generally not good listeners. For business people, that is bad for business. Here we discuss the value of listening to grow and expand your Prescott business.

A recent study found that 50% of adults couldn’t describe the content of a 10-minute oral presentation just moments after hearing it. Even more astonishing is the fact that 48 hours after hearing the talk, 75% of the listeners couldn’t even recall the subject matter!

One of the biggest complaints consumers have shared is that salespeople from whom they seek products and services do not listen to them. Being a good listener is essential to learn about your customers and their needs.

Here are some better ways to listen better to your customers, your boss, your fellow employees and everyone else:

  • Ask better, more specific questions. Try to understand your customers by listening to their answers. Sometimes a good starting point is simply asking why. Example: “You have said that you prefer individual stocks over. mutual funds. Why?”
  • The “why” will open the door to many other questions, such as: “How did you feel when this happened?” “Can you tell me a little more?” “What you said about that is really interesting. Can you elaborate?” “Why do you think that is?”
  • Listen to the answers your customers give. You can improve many business problems using what they tell you. Suddenly you may see a significant growth in your business!

iPrescott Business Solutions wants to emphasize the value of listening to your customers to help you grow your Prescott small business. Consult with the experts at iPrescott Business Solutions and give us the opportunity determine how we can help you. We listen! Call us today at 928-642-4048 for more information.