Tips for using YouTube to market your business

iPrescott Business Solutions can help your Prescott business create and post videos on YouTube to increase your visibility on the web.Most businesses now realize that social media is an important part of their online marketing package. Most have a website and may occasionally post to Facebook. iPrescott Business Solutions would like to suggest another viable option for your Prescott business – YouTube! Creating and posting short videos on YouTube is a great way to increase your visibility on the internet and share your product or service with a larger audience. Here are a few tips for using YouTube as part of your online marketing.

Keep it New – By posting new content on a regular basis, you will invite your customers to come back over and over again to “see what’s new” and the more often a customer “sees you,” the more likely they are to use and recommend you.

Have a Purpose – Just seeing you is one thing, but you are looking for something from your potential customer. Make sure your video wraps up with a “call to action.” Also make sure you include your contact information!

Watch the Title – A generic title is not as likely to catch the attention of a potential customer as a title that tells what the video is going to be about – for example, “website” versus “Learning how to make your website work for you.”

Tag It – Anytime you post a video to YouTube, you also have the option to attach a description and tags. Make sure that you use both of these opportunities to help lead customers to your videos.

Content – Sure, new content is great, but if you have content that you’ve used in other areas of marketing, why not use it in the video media as well?

Keep it Concise – Sometimes less is more. When doing videos, decide what information and call to action you want and make sure that you present this information in a concise manner. Many people will not watch a long, involved video. Keeping it short and sweet is often the key to not boring potential clients.

As website and online marketing professionals, iPrescott Business Solutions understands that not everyone feels comfortable doing videos for YouTube, or even online marketing. If you’re looking for help with the online presence for your Prescott business, call us at 928-642-4048 for a free consultation.