Track the marketing dollars you spend in your small business

iPrescott Business Solutions can help you effectively market your Prescott small business.Is the money you’re spending on marketing your Prescott small business paying off? Is your marketing budget producing paying customers? Is your message reaching your target audience? Do they know about your business, your service, your product? Can you tell which strategies are working and which could be improved?  iPrescott Business Solutions knows the value of being able to answer these questions and more.

Questions are designed to focus your marketing efforts.

  • Do you see a difference in sales between your various products or services? 
  • Is one item selling like mad but others languishing? 
  • Do you see sales climbing on particular days of the week or month as opposed to other days? 
  • Are your customers reaching you through marketing designed for your physical location or are they responding more to your website? 


Tracking and analyzing your sales will help you answer these questions. When you know more about the results of your marketing efforts, you will be able to quickly make changes in response to that information and maximize the return on your marketing dollars.

One of the ways to track sales is by using codes and coupons. There are a number of web applications to help you track emails, website traffic, and conversions to actual sales to help you analyze who is buying what and when. You can separate each marketing strategy to determine which is working best. Which one is producing actual sales?


If you’re able to increase your marketing budget each quarter you will have the opportunity to reach more prospective customers. You will also want to manipulate your budget to funnel more money into the strategies that are resulting in sales and decreasing or eliminating money spent on strategies that are not productive. Part of tracking your marketing efforts will mean that you know which strategies work and which don’t so that you can determine what might be making the difference.

If you are ready to track your marketing dollars and get the most return for your budget, let the experts at iPrescott Business Solutions help you determine what’s working for your Prescott small business.  Call us today at 928-642-4048.