Using Videos in Marketing to Promote Your Business

Use videos to promote your business in Prescott. iPrescott Business Solutions has the answer.How can using Video Marketing help your business? iPrescott Business Solutions shares some reasons on how your business could benefit from Video Marketing in Prescott Arizona. Why would you want to use videos? Here are some reasons using videos can be beneficial from a marketing view point.

Videos can make explanations simple and easy to understand that help engage viewers. The shorter the message the better the chance that the information will be seen. Seldom will users watch a 1-2-minute video, if they can just skip it they will. Though the amount of information can vary it needs to be presented in a way that can quickly and effectively showcase your message or product.

Boosts CVR – Also known as conversions, meaning converting clicks to sales. Every view is a potential sell. Every click on the video leads those potential customers to your product or service. Videos that convey information in an understandable model can be mentally digested quickly. 

Boosts ROMI – Return on marketing investment – Videos are very quickly becoming one of the most important aspects to marketing. Simple and quick videos can be a fairly inexpensive investment with the potential for high returns in terms of leads.

Increase web rankings with google – google loves videos! Videos help boost your web rankings for your website that in turn helps with bringing in potential customers.

Video appeal is on the rise with mobile users – Videos that have more of an emotional feel vs a factual appeal has more of a chance of being shared and viewed by mobile internet users. This in the past has been limited due to user’s monthly bandwidth limitations and with larger data plans users are spending more time looking at videos they previously passed up. But time spent on viewing are seldom viewing factual ones unless it’s a how to, most users occupy their time by playing entertaining commercials, Ads, snipits, and funny videos such as fails.

Today we talked about how videos can help you. iPrescott Business Solutions in Prescott has more tips for you and many services that we offer that can help boost your business to the next level. Call us today 928-642-4048. There can be a lot of directions you can take, we can help.