Website images for your business

iPrescott Business Solutions can help you grow your Prescott business online with a custom website and online marketing.If you ask a business owner about the importance of images on a website, they might tell you it is necessary to showcase your product or service. While there is a lot of truth to this, it is not the whole story. iPrescott Business Solutions wants to educate Prescott businesses on the subtle but important reason behind the “alt text” function.

When used properly, images on your website are more than just a showcase, they act as a guide. But how do they do that? If you have uploaded any images to your website, you may have noticed the “alt text” box. This innocuous input box is what makes website images so powerful.

An image’s alt text (or alternate text) is used by internet users and search engines to gather information about your image. Because of this, the text should contain a brief and accurate description of the image. Alt text serves three purposes.

Failure to Load
If your image does not load properly when users visit your website, they may see the text describing what should be there. This can alert them to reload the page or simply reload the image if the option is available. Without this, they may see nothing which makes your website look bad.

Visually Impaired Users
Many visually impaired individuals utilize screen readers to know what is on a website. These screen readers read the alt text to the users. This is a significant reason why it is essential to use accurate descriptions of images.

Search Engine Optimization
Search engines need help to identify images on the internet. The alt text for your image tells the search engine exactly what your image is. When users search online, the search engine is able to match your image to their search. So having accurate alt text for all of your images helps direct customers to your website.

Images are necessary for basic online navigation and they are a powerful SEO tool. You may not have paid much attention to it before, but now you know why you should use the alt text. If you have questions about website images or SEO for your Prescott business, contact iPrescott Business Solutions today at 928-642-4048.