Website templates vs. custom web design for your business

iPrescott Business Solutions can design a custom website for your Prescott business to help you grow your online presence.A website is more than a valuable tool for modern businesses – in today’s world it’s a necessity. iPrescott Business Solutions has years of experience in professional online marketing and shares about using website templates vs. custom web designs to give you the most value for expanding your Prescott small business.

While there are different advantages to both types of websites, a custom-designed website that is tailored around your specific business needs can set you apart from the competition and increase sales. Template website builders offer an online platform with pre-created websites from which you may choose.

Custom-Designed Websites


  • Makes your business unique from the competition
  • Shows up more often on searches
  • Easily add content as your business grows


  • Requires more time to develop
  • Higher cost to create

Template Websites


  • Easier and quicker to develop
  • Less expensive to create


  • Your business may not seem unique to the consumer
  • The website will not pop up as quickly on searches
  • Custom items such as text and images will be difficult

No matter which type of website you choose, iPrescott Business Solutions can give you a stunning website for your specific business needs. To get started on a new website to grow your Prescott business, call us at 928-642-4048.