What Your Business Website Analytics Are Telling You

For website and marking services, including analytics, contact iPrescott Business SolutionsIf your business has a website, you should also be aware of the analytics of the website and what they are all about. The professionals at iPrescott Business Solutions are experts at digital marketing and would like to share some information about website analytics with you. There are few primary metrics that you should understand:

Unique visitors – Some business people look at the number of “visits” during a month in order to gauge the effectiveness of their website. But what if most people visited your website 2-3 times each? Then instead of telling you that you had lots of people visiting your website, the numbers are actually telling you that you have a smaller number of loyal or repeat visitors. So when looking at the visits to your website, make sure you also know the number of unique visitors so you can plan your marketing strategy accordingly.

Bounce rate – This number tells you the number of people you hit your page and immediately left, probably without actually seeing your page – they land, then bounce. This metric may tell you that your hoe page is not capturing the visitor, or that the navigation is confusing. It may also mean that the home page did not load quickly and many visitors have a very short attention span and if a page doesn’t load quickly, they often decide to disregard the site and go elsewhere.

Referrals – This tells you what site your customer was on before coming to visit your website. You may find that customers are directed to your site from a Google search, a social media page, a digital ad or a hyperlink from a blog. By knowing the sites that are leading customers to you is an important thing to know. If you are getting referrals from social media, then your current efforts are working and this may be an area where you want to increase your efforts due to its effectiveness. Knowing where your referrals are coming from will help you identify potential partners and areas to invest in as a way to grow your business.

Web analytics enhances your marketing decisions by collecting, organizing, measuring, and visualizing customer activity on your web and mobile devices. Using insights gained from analytics, you can build, optimize, and deliver experiences that are engaging, relevant, and personal. Data-driven marketing helps you market to the right people in the right way. If a campaign falls flat, you’ll know why. If an experience doesn’t shine, you’ll know how to fix it.

If you have a website and have never heard of analytics, maybe now is the time to contact the Prescott area digital marketing professionals at iPrescott Business Solutions. Or if you have a business and still don’t have a website, we can help you design a website, then market it online. For all of your digital marketing needs, give us a call at 928-642-4048