Who knows about your business website?

iPrescott Business Solutions can design your website and help get your Prescott business noticed.Serving as a one-stop location for people to find nearly everything they could want to know about your business, websites are at the very top of the list and a first step for business marketing. Let iPrescott Business Solutions walk you through the fundamentals of getting customers to your Prescott business website.

Search Rankings
Search engine optimization (SEO) algorithms change continuously, but they are the way Google and other top search engines find and rank your business. The goal for a business is to be on the first page returned of an internet search because a ‘click-through’ is all the more likely. And more click-throughs means more potential customers/sales.

Using keywords that are specific to your business is imperative. You should make sure that you keep your business address (including city and state) and phone number as a part of your website content, including adding it to headlines and bullet points.

Consider using videos and podcasts as well as blogging which will garner a wider audience that may not have visited your website before. Today, creating a video is as easy as using your smartphone and then uploading your finished product to YouTube or iTunes. You’ll need to create a profile on those sites – which is another website generator – as well as plugging your site at the end of each video or podcast.

Social media
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are all free ways to generate business, post news, and get suggestions from your audience. Yelp and Google are both important sites for people to search as they look for reviews and feedback regarding your business and products, which can drive more business to your website. If you see a negative or critical review, it’s important to respond so that future customers will see that you care.

At iPrescott Business Solutions, we can design your website and help your prospective clients find it. To help you get your Prescott business website noticed, and for long-term success with your online marketing, call the experts at iPrescott Business Solutions today at 928-642-4048.