Why Facebook is important for your small business

iPrescott Business Solutions explains why small business in Prescott needs Facebook pageFacebook is not going anywhere, and if there is one area of social media you should consider, it is most certainly Facebook. This platform attracts more than 2 billion users worldwide, and in Prescott it attracts people of all ages and demographics. Your target audience most likely spends time there. iPrescott Business Solutions explains some reasons why Facebook is important to your Prescott small business and should not be ignored.

The answer is quite simple. Sixty eight percent of all adults in the United States use Facebook. That statistic is true for Prescott, too. Your small business should be where your prospective customers have a chance of seeing you.

Simply put, you start a business page and start posting regular updates, photos and sales about your company. You will want to make sure your data is valuable, as it is competing with many other posts and the attention of a social media user is short. But, if you pay attention to your readers, you will learn what they like and what they ignore.

What is the difference between my business and personal page?
This is very simple. Your personal page will collect friends; whereas, your business page will collect likes. Growing your business will be easier to do with a business page. You can boost content, get analysis, collect email addresses, etc.

Creating a Facebook account
This is very easy and free. You start by selecting the type of business you own. You will then be prompted to fill out the name of your business, a description and perhaps a logo. Publishing the page is as simple as clicking “publish”. Of course, this is just the beginning and it will take some effort to get seen.

What should I post on my business page?
What you post will depend on your business. You will want to think about your current customers, their needs, their questions, their likes about your business, etc. This will be your posting guide. No matter what you post, keep things fresh and updated. You will also want to change it up to keep people coming back for more. Surveys, blogs, calls to action and testimonials are great posting ideas.

When to post?
Like content, make it fresh and update as often as you can. Think about your audience and when they are most likely reading social media. Is it morning, lunchtime or after hours? Or all three? When to post will have a lot to do with how much time you have to post, but don’t let your content become stale. Ideally, if you can, post between one and three times daily.

There are many other reasons and “how tos” regarding why your business needs to be on Facebook. iPrescott Business Solutions has made it our business to become the Facebook expert for your small business in Prescott. If you do not have time to constantly post, but want the benefit of reaching your target audience on Facebook, call us at 928-642-4048. We can handle all of your website, social media and online marketing needs.