Why you should use social media for your small business

For help with using social media for your Prescott business, just call iPrescott Business Solutions. You are probably thinking that you do not have the time to add another project to your to do list. Much less a project that will require ongoing dedication and resources, right? iPrescott Business Solutions explains why you should be using social media for your Prescott business. But, do not fear, we also have a solution for you too, so that your time is not eaten up by managing and posting to social media.

Seventy percent of the US population has at least one social media account, according to Business 2 Community. So, is your Prescott prospects on social media? Most likely. So, if you are looking at social media as a chore on a long list, you may be missing out greatly at connecting with your customers.

How will social media impact my business?
What other advertising and/or marketing allows your to directly connect and communicate with your audience? Social media allows you to do just that. Just like anything, the more you involve in social media the more benefits you will reap. Here are just a few benefits:

Brand Awareness & Loyalty
When you post, people are constantly seeing your brand. Many advertising medium charge big money with the promise of brand awareness, only.

Connect with your prospects
Connecting and being able to have real back and forth communication in almost real time with your customers and prospects is invaluable. This can also result in client retention.

Increase traffic to your website and profits
One of the main goals of social media is to drive prospective clients to your website and convert to a customer. This will be done with an effective social media plan of action.

Have you ever shared an experience or post on social media? Well, there is certainly that opportunity to be shared to new networks and people that may be in need of your service.

Keep Track of Your Competitors
You can benefit by knowing what is trending with your competitors locally and around the country.

Don’t lose business or sales because of you are not participating in social media. iPrescott Business Solutions, your online marketing specialists in Prescott, can help you get up and running strong with social media. Give the experts at iPrescott Business Solutions a call at 928-642-4048.